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A wonderful selection of items and easy restocking are just some of the reasons you’ll love our vending solutions.

THE 365 PicoCooler​

The PicoCooler provides you with the opportunity to grow into semi-public areas, add controlled cooler to your new and existing locations or complete your Connected Campus with modern cooler technology. Provide your customers instant access and payment ease by giving them the ability to use a variety of payment options. Once items are selected, customers simply scan the items and easily select checkout on the interactive PicoCooler screen.

Many Great Benefits

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The PicoCooler is the cooler functionality of the 365 PicoPlatform – one innovative technology used in two ways. The PicoPlatform is our smallest but most versatile technology that can be used on a vending machine (PicoVend) or on a cooler (PicoCooler).

Give your employees a better vending experience.

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